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Mar 2024

We Were Featured in Tokyo Vice Episode 4 - Hostess Clubs

"Tokyo Vice" is a TV series that explores Tokyo's criminal underbelly through the eyes of journalist Jake. Filmed in real Tokyo locations, including ORIGIN hostess club, the show authentically portrays the city's nightlife and crime. Viewers can visit ORIGIN to experience the setting and atmosphere depicted in the series, offering a unique connection to the story's backdrop and Tokyo's hidden world.
Mar 2024

Is It All Legal? Japan's Nightlife Law Fueiho Explained

Japan's Adult Entertainment Business Law (Fueiho) regulates various nightlife venues beyond just the sex industry. Learn how to identify compliant hostess bars by checking licensing, reputation, online presence, and absence of touting. Compliance ensures a safer and more enjoyable experience for both employees and customers in Japan's nightlife.
Mar 2024

5 Essential Tips for Choosing a Trustworthy Hostess Bar in Japan: Avoiding Scams and Ensuring a Great Nightlife Experience

To choose a reputable hostess bar in Japan, avoid venues with touts, ensure the bar has an official website, check for clear pricing and proper licensing, and read online reviews. These steps can help you avoid unscrupulous practices and ensure a positive experience.
Mar 2024

Hostess Bar Pricing Systems: Every Prices Breakdown

Hostess bars in Japan offer personalized service with various fees, including entry, time spent, and choosing specific hostesses. Additional charges may apply for drinks, food, and extending your stay. Prices vary by the bar's level, and the final bill includes taxes and service charges. Understanding these fees can help manage your experience and avoid surprises.
Mar 2024

First Time Hostess Bar/Clubs & Truths for Hostess Girls

Learn about Japan's hostess bars, where customers pay for time and conversation with female staff. Find out how the costs work, what extra charges to expect, and who the hostesses are that make these places special.
Mar 2024

Manners and Etiquette at Hostess Bars & Dress Code

At hostess bars, respect the rules and other guests, avoid inappropriate behavior, and engage politely with hostesses. Dress neatly in smart-casual attire to fit in and possibly receive better service. Be prepared for "nomination overlap," where your chosen hostess may rotate between guests due to high demand.
Mar 2024

Understanding What is 'After' in Hostess Bars: You Could Invite Her Too

'After' is time spent with a hostess outside the bar without extra pay, making acceptance less likely. Success depends on trust and respect, with activities typically in public, familiar settings. It's not a romantic opportunity but a chance to build a deeper connection in a relaxed environment.
Mar 2024

Your FIRST Time at Hostess Bar: A Step-by-Step Guide

At a hostess bar, you're greeted and shown to your seat, where you choose to interact with one hostess or several in rotation. Select your drink, chat with the hostess, and monitor your time. Decide whether to extend your stay or leave, and consider an "after" outing with a hostess you connect with.
Mar 2024

A Glimpse into The History of Hostess Bar in Japan

Hostess bars, blending "cabaret" and "club," originated in a Ginza café in the early 1900s, evolving from simple coffee service to interactive, personalized entertainment. Post-WWII, they catered to American military personnel and then Japan's affluent, becoming a status symbol in Japanese nightlife.